EKE is an organization of evangelical Lutherans in Hungary.


The existence of EKE was preceded by a few Lutheran pastors meeting in search of community, reading of the word of God, prayer together, and strengthening of one another in faith and in ministry. (1980-1983) Later this group began to grow, by other people (not pastors) joining the community. While regularly being together, which helped spiritual growth, around 1987 and 1988, the internal claim for doing evangelizing ministry for the renewal of our Lutheran church became increased.

Our Lord helped us make this decision. In April 1989, one of the pastors wrote a letter to the presidency of our church, “… It is for a long time God has been urging us to create this community. We would like to act for the cause of the gospel, rather than against something. We would like the presidency to consider this with trust.” Conciliatory negotiations followed. On January 28, 1990, an article entitled “Presenting ourselves” was published in Evangélikus Élet (Lutheran Life), as the official introduction of EKE.

Since that year, we have regularly organized one-day and weekend conferences as well as one-week Bible camps (First EKE-weekend was in June 1990, in 1991 EKE organized 6 weeks: 1 for children, 1 for youth, 1 for ladies and 3 family camps). We have published series of evangelical articles in the church press several times. An idea that had been living for a long time was realized in 1998. After long preparation and search of solutions, we were able to start Bible school education for the members of our congregations. On the opening of the Bible school (two years long), September 19, 1998, the service was based on 2 Timothy 2:1-5. The 3rd ‘practical’ year of Bible school started in 2001.

The organizational, legal, and financial basis of the service of the community is provided by the EKE Evangelical Foundation, legally registered on September 8, 1997. The first members of Foundations board: Pál Göllner (president), Mihály Györfi (vice president), Bulcsú Széll, Péter Kiss, Mrs. Piroska Garádi. Since 2000, board members are: Mihály Györfi (president), Pál Göllner (vice president), Péter Kiss, István Ittzés, András Oravecz. The EKE fellowship and the Foundation has a same board.

We have been in contact with our American brothers in HFM since 1996.

We give thanks to our Lord for the blessings, the joy and the difficulties received from Him so far. “It does not, therefore, depend on man’s desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.”